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Mediation is becoming a popular way of resolving disputes, especially divorces. Divorce mediation requires the two parties to sit together with a mediator who is trained to encourage the couple to negotiate and talk to each other. The mediator will not make judgement or decision and will act completely impartially. Mediation has become increasingly popular with divorce proceedings, as it allows for discussions and progress to be made outside of court, giving you control of the proceedings, rather than handing over control to the courts.

Benefits of Divorce Mediation

Divorce mediation is the best way to make future arrangements for your assets, property and children. Current divorce laws make the whole process long, drawn-out and often very complicated when shared assets and custody are discussed. Until the new plans to change divorce law come in to effect, divorce through the courts will continue to be complicated. Divorce mediation is a much quicker and cost-effective method of divorce compared to going through the family courts. Sitting with a mediator often leads to more civil conclusions, keeping control of all divorce arrangements in the hands of the family, such as children and assets.

Similar to a standard divorce through the court, with divorce mediation you can discuss how to divide your assets, such as property and finances. You can also discuss the best steps to take for your children. Although agreements used in mediation are not legally binding, the agreements made can be used in court and there are ways of making the agreements legally binding.

Our Divorce Mediation Bournemouth Service

Rawlins Davy have a specialist team of mediators Bournemouth. As an accredited mediator since 2006, we can mediate a range of different disputes, such as matters that deal with property, commercial, business and probate issues. Get in touch with our team to discuss your divorce mediation.

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