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Wills & Estate Planning

Here at Rawlins Davy, we can handle your wills & estate planning to give you peace of mind. If you don’t make a will you die intestate. If you die intestate the beneficiaries of your estate are prescribed by a set of legal rules not chosen by you. Sometimes it won’t make any difference, but in a lot of cases it can make a radical difference. Very often people assume that everything will pass to their spouse, but this is not necessarily true. So it is very important to make a will.

The will drafting process is about understanding what you want to happen in terms of your property and future maintenance of your relatives and dependents after you have gone. Then turning this understanding into an easily understandable document that gives effect to what you want. This way you control it, rather than it being externally controlled because you haven’t.

Within the will drafting process we will look at Estate Planning, which is for example, whether you wish to make absolute gifts to people or trusts to care for people. We can look at planning for minor children until they become adults and disabled beneficiaries. We can also look at planning what will happen in the event that you die before your parents and they become incapable.

We can also look, in appropriate places at Inheritance Tax and if there are tax liabilities. If there are we can advise on what can be taken through your will or otherwise to mitigate these.

You may wish to read the details of our Administration of Estates / Probates and Trusts service, as this is something you may also require. Or you can read all about will preparation in our solicitors blog.

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  • Rawlins Davy have helped us with a number of business legal services - they are professional, friendly and extremely helpful. Would certainly recommend them as the best Solicitors in Bournemouth.

    John Brittle Managing Director
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